Thermoplastic Composite Pipe No corrosion at lower cost

Thermoplastic composite pipe technology allows for jumpers, spools, flowlines and risers free of corrosion and with substantial lower total installed cost. The light-weight TCP uses cost effective materials for each application and is spoolable, cost-effective to transport, can be installed using less vessel days with light vessels, and allows for quick termination in the field. TCP leads to compelling business cases for each application, reducing total installed cost significantly.

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Airborne Oil & Gas has an international workforce comprising 17 nationalities. Our head office is in IJmuiden, 25 kilometres west of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Are you interested in joining us? We have several opportunities. Visit our career page for more information.


Airborne Oil & Gas provides the world’s only high-pressure pipe that combines a smooth bore with high collapse resistance and flexibility. The non-metallic TCP Flowlines and Risers eliminate corrosion and are the low-cost alternative flowline solution.

TCP concept and benefits

The Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) concept excels in simplicity. The pipe has one simple, fully bonded pipe wall. The three individual layers - liner, composite laminate and external coating - are all melt-fused together, ensuring a bond between the layers that is as strong and durable as the base materials. The simplicity of the concept also results in a safe and reliable product due to the very limited number of potential failure modes.

Meet Airborne Oil and Gas at:

Meet Airborne Oil and Gas at:

  • • Subsea Expo, 7-9 February, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • • Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference 26 February - 1 March, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • • Subsea Tieback Forum Offshore Conference, 13 - 15 March, Galveston, Texas, USA
  • • OTC Asia, 20 - 23 March, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Recent News

Piping in a new way to lighten the load

Upstream Magazine recently published an article on TCP technology and pipelines. CCO Martin van Onna was interviewed about Airborne Oil & Gas' TCP applications and track record in crude, methanol, gas lift and chemical injection.

World's first TCP Flowline for crude service

An Asian operator recently completed the installation of the world’s first TCP Flowline for full well stream service. A huge achievement and marking a major milestone for Airborne Oil & Gas, thermoplastic composite pipe and the industry at large.

Successful TCP Flowline tests on erosion, fire resistance and impact

In order to demonstrate the suitability of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe for static riser applications, Airborne Oil & Gas successfully completed three tests specifically requested by a West African operator:

TCP Jumper in operation for gaslift for Anasuria Operating Company

An important milestone was reached in October 2017 when a TCP Gas Lift Jumper was installed by Anasuria Operating Company (AOC) in the Guillemot field. This jumper, which was brought online one month later, marks the 3rd application for Airborne Oil & Gas’ TCP Jumpers in a short period of time.

Subsea 7 enters the shareholder base of Airborne Oil & Gas

Today, Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG), the leading manufacturer of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) for oil & gas applications, announces the latest addition to its shareholder base with Subsea 7. Subsea 7 is a world leader in seabed to surface engineering, construction and service contractor.

Airborne Oil & Gas and Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. pursuing collaboration

Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. and Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. have signed a worldwide distribution agreement for the promotion and sale of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe products. The two companies will cooperate to supply TCP Products to the global oil & gas industry in a time when composite pipe is establishing itself as a technically and commercially attractive alternative to steel and conventional flexible pipe.

Airborne Oil and Gas


TCP Flowline

TCP Flowline eliminates corrosion and is the lowest total installed cost solution for greenfield and brownfield applications

Airborne Oil & Gas designs and manufactures TCP Flowline products for hydrocarbon production, water, gas lift, and chemicals injection. Its non-corrosiveness, light weight, spoolability and ability to terminate in the field make it the best solution for in-field flowlines, tiebacks, single well step-outs, and (quasi) static risers.

The solid pipe structure is impervious to corrosion, resulting in outstanding performance in corrosive environments. It has an inner, fully bonded, smooth bore polymer liner that ensures the best attainable flow properties while still being piggable. The thermal performance of TCP is considerably better than that of steel (reinforced) pipe. Our end-fittings are simple and robust, relying on a well-proven mechanical clamping method. Assembly of the pipe with our end-fittings is straightforward, can be done both onshore and offshore and at any location on the pipe.

TCP Free Hanging Risers

TCP Free Hanging Risers deliver significant cost reductions compared with the traditional Lazy wave Riser solutions used in deep water harsh condition areas such as Santos Basin Brazil

Airborne Oil & Gas designs and manufactures TCP Riser products for hydrocarbon production, water and gas injection, gas lift and chemicals injection. Its light weight, good fatigue performance, non-corrosiveness and spoolability make it the best solution for Deep Water Free Hanging Risers.

Our TCP Riser is supplied in long spoolable lengths for cost-effective reel lay and lowest as-installed cost. This leads to a radical 30% saving on as-installed cost as shown in the TCP Riser business case.

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