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Meet our people

Find out what our people like about working at Airborne Oil & Gas by reading their testimonial.

Mohamed Boutalek – Assistant Shift leader

"I am delighted to be part of such a challenging organization"

I am Mohamed Boutalek. I started in early 2012 as a Production Assistant. With internal training and guidance in the workplace, I progressed to the position of Line Operator. For three years, I have been working as a Line Operator in a team in which involvement and cooperation are very important.

What is it like to work at Airborne Oil & Gas?
I got the chance to receive training as all-round Operator. Due to my own perseverance and good guidance from Airborne Oil & Gas, I successfully completed the training. Currently, I am working on a more challenging job as an Assistant Shift Leader. Along with the Shift Leader, we are responsible for safety, production quality, meeting the production planning and supervising/coaching the team.

What do you like most about Airborne Oil & Gas?
The daily work and the work atmosphere are really enjoyable and I go to work in the company with pleasure every day. For me, Airborne Oil & Gas is a motivating work environment where every employee is treated equally and everyone is challenged to make the best of themselves.

My personal motto is "You have the past and you should make the future". It is great that we have the opportunity together within Airborne Oil & Gas to shape the future in a positive way.

Alexandre Paternoster – Research Specialist

"There is no failure or success. It is the courage to continue that counts."

I started working at Airborne Oil & Gas in 2013. I've had the chance to occupy various roles within the engineering department, as a Structural Engineer first and as a lead engineer then. Since 2016, I've been part of the R&D department where I use my expertise in Material Science to ensure the materials we manufacture the pipes with are used to their full potential. My role as a Research Specialist in the R&D team is to support the development of new materials for our products, their qualification and their processing.

What is it like to work at Airborne Oil & Gas?
Working at Airborne is exciting with new challenges every day. The team of people at Airborne comes from many different backgrounds which provides an amazing set of viewpoints to tackle any problem. There is a pioneering spirit which brings everyone together to deliver their best. New ideas are quickly put into practice which is very rewarding. It is great to see everyone's contribution in the products we are delivering.

What do you like most about Airborne Oil & Gas?
I like the motivation which drives the whole company to work as a high-performance team operating at the forefront of technology for the oil and gas industry. I enjoy working in this team where I interact with experts in their field and seeing my contribution within the company and the products we make.

Mark Bijkerk – Controller

“Great to work for an international company with high growth potential that also cares for the work-life balance of its employees”

I started working as Controller at Airborne Oil & Gas in February 2017. Before working at Airborne Oil & Gas I worked as an International Controller at Van Oord. My job is very broad as it consists of controlling projects, cash forecasts, company financials, integrating our international branches in our company, financial processes during our product development and insurances.

What is it like to work at Airborne Oil & Gas?
We are a young company. I believe that the average age of our employees is around 35-40, with many nationalities. There is a lot of interaction with our foreign colleagues who want to know about the Netherlands but everyone also wants to learn from each other. Our management board is very experienced and applies an open door policy, where you can walk in and learn from discussions and remarks they have. I felt right at home and was able to start doing my job immediately because everyone is so open and willing to work together to achieve the maximum we can with our company.

Our company structure is also based on getting work done which means that we can have a certain level of flexibility in working hours. This gives us the feeling of a great work-life balance.

What do you like most about Airborne Oil & Gas?
We are a production company with a high level of engineering and product development. No day is the same as clients want us to develop and produce new pipelines. As a Controller, you want to standardise the production process financials but we also need to have the flexibility to think with the team regarding developing new products. How much investment can we use for this and what about the cash flow of the company? Very exciting. We are expanding abroad (USA and Malaysia), this requires a different mindset and capabilities from our financial department.

Frits Kronenburg – Area Sales Manager

“I am really proud to be part of Airborne”

I joined Airborne in January 2015 in the role of Area Sales Manager with an initial focus on our client base in Houston. After the new Houston office was set up in April 2016, I started focusing on our client base around the North Sea.

Not only in my job, but also as one of our core beliefs, everything we do and develop is focused on our clients’ needs. My role is to identify these needs and opportunities and to translate these into potential commercial projects for the Product Development, Engineering Department and Project Team, and to offer the best technical and commercial solution.

What is it like to work at Airborne Oil & Gas?
We have a diverse group of mainly young people, from around 16 different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. It is great to see that they are all working together and all are passionate about their work and the products we are developing and producing. Airborne is also a young and very dynamic company, which requires you to be flexible, to adapt to changes quickly and to be pro-active. Although Airborne has always been ahead of the competition when it comes to technical knowledge and its track record in the subsea application of our TCP products, there is still a lot of work to do. A typical aspect of working at Airborne Oil & Gas is that we really all work as part of a team and celebrate both small and big successes together with the team.

What do you like most about Airborne Oil & Gas?
What I like most about my job is meeting our clients. I have a genuine interest in our clients and what we at Airborne can do to meet the client’s expectations. Working at Airborne is very rewarding. I am convinced that Airborne is here to stay!

Karin Deurloo - HR Assistant

“I always come to work with a smile on my face”

Having worked in various secretarial jobs before, I started working in Human Resources in the Oil & Gas industry about 4 years ago. I joined Airborne Oil & Gas B.V. as an HR Assistant in September 2015. Working in Human Resources for me is very satisfying. I enjoy being the First contact person for HR related topics and the interaction with my colleagues.

What is it like to work for AOG

Together with the HR Manager, Recruiter and Payroll administrator we form the HR team. Working in the HR department means that you work together with all the different departments, from Production Line teams to the Management team and everything in between. I have a great range of tasks within the team which makes each day interesting, it is never boring. I always come to work with a smile on my face.

What do you like most about Airborne Oil & Gas B.V.
I like working in an international environment with colleagues of different nationalities and cultural background. The communication lines are short and the atmosphere is inspiring and dynamic.