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TCP Business Case

Depending on the application, different characteristics of TCP lead to lower total installed cost. In all cases, the fact we apply the most cost effective material for each application leads to the lowest possible pipe cost; besides this, the main benefits of TCP that impact total installed cost are its spoolability, low weight, flexibility and ability to be terminated in the field. Below are shown two different business cases, one for flowline and one for a deepwater riser.

Deepwater riser

TCP is highly competitive in the deepwater riser market compared to Flexible Pipe and Rigid Steel.

Solution characteristics

  • TCP Riser enables free hanging catenary solution as preferred by Petrobras. Other configurations such as steep wave or riser towers are possible also
  • 50% top tension reduction results in FPSO benefits such as simpler riser pull in, riser balcony, mooring system and increased gas handling capacity

Deepwater Riser Input & assumptions

  • Assumption is Libra 1 project; about 700 mUSD for SURF scope: 8 production risers 9 water alternating gas risers
  • Free length riser considered, lazy wave 700 meters longer
  • Production risers 8 inch 345 bar
  • Service lines not included, nor umbilicals, as they will be company provided
  • The lines consist of a riser section
  • Cost estimates are based on the budget excel tool that uses the business case numbers for 2020
  • Weight coating 500 USD/meter for the riser section
  • Insulation cost 1000 USD/meter for the production lines
  • Prices for the flexible pipe and rigid steel as advised by Subsea 7 under our global collaboration agreement


TCP has a strong competitive advantage in lengths up to 5km when compared to carbon steel.

Solution characteristics

  • Highly competitive compared to carbon steel up to 5km, up to 10km compared to CRA steel
  • Less seabed preparation required
  • Comparison favorable against Zaplock and welded carbon steel

Flowline Input & assumptions

  • Assumption is a project in West Africa
  • Competition is Zaplock mainly
  • Length assumed is 2.9 km
  • Our cost estimates are based on the budget excel tool that uses the business case numbers for 2020
  • 50 EUR/meter for weight coating or alternatively one clump weight every 20 meters
  • We did not assume insulation, not for the steel nor for TCP
  • Prices for the Zaplock where advised by an installation contractor partner under a commercial collaboration agreement