What's the story behind the name 'Airborne' in Airborne Oil & Gas?

Airborne International was founded by 2 aerospace engineers in 1995 in The Netherlands. The founders soon surrounded themselves with other aerospace and material experts and quickly built up a strong and established high-end composite design & build company. The company’s goal, as laid down in the name “Air-borne” was to bring the know-how, developed in the Aerospace industry in the area’s of design, materials and automated production, to other industries and allow them to benefit from high end product development. Airborne International produces high end products for the space, aerospace and other industries

In 1999, Shell approached Airborne with a request to develop a superior “Composite Coiled Tubing”. With sponsorship from Shell in this program, Airborne developed the concept of the Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP), the core concept of which included the use of one single polymer in the liner, the composite matrix and the coating. As a result, a strong yet flexible pipe was created, capable of handling the tough downhole, offshore and subsea environments. This development led to the world’s first design and the combination of differing but known materials in a unique manufacturing process – TCP was born.

In 2012, a full-scale production site for TCP was built in IJmuiden (Port of Amsterdam). Two years later, Airborne Oil & Gas became an independent company. Today, we can proudly say that Airborne Oil & Gas has the world's largest TCP track record, has a strong shareholder base and employs more than 110 enthusiastic people from all over the world. 

Who is Airborne Oil & Gas and why does it claim to be the first and leading manufacturer of TCP?

Airborne International, as former parent company of Airborne Oil & Gas, developed the concept of TCP in 1999. Airborne Oil & Gas was set up as dedicated Business Unit under Airborne International to commercialize and further develop TCP. As such, Airborne Oil & Gas was the first company to have developed TCP in the world. Airborne Oil & Gas became an independent company in 2014. Today, we have the largest track record with most pipes in operation, including hydrocarbon service, and several records including the world`s deepest TCP in 2140 meters water depth, and the world`s first TCP Flowline for hydrocarbon service.

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